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Here at Schamelot we take a living books approach to education, allowing for lots of free time to explore, create, experiment, imagine, and cultivate the virtues, particularly piety, obedience and diligence. What is called "The Charlotte Mason Method" permeates our homeschool philosophy, and Kolbe Academy and Mother of Divine Grace are the spring boards for our curriculum, which I put together for each child each year. I hope you will find something I have shared helpful to your homeschooling adventure! (scroll down after clicking a link)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mapping the World One Ancient Civilization at a Time

Exlpore your world!
We incorporate geography into our history studies with lots of fun geography games (I'll post a list at a later date). But especially we enjoy doing outline maps which the kids trace and slowly fill in starting with one class of locations, like bodies of water, then moutain ranges, then cities, etc., until they have the whole map pretty much memorized. The maps at the Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Project are really nice for the study of the ancient world becaust their hi-res PDF's start with everything on the map, including terrain, then eliminate details little by little until you have just a blank map, which you can use for a "test." Even this wee ones enjoy this school assignment! They can pretend they're explorers discovering new places and mapping them for future generations.

Happy Mapping,

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